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Next General Membership Meeting
September 13th 5:30

2415 N. Triphammer Rd Cayuga Heights NY

Advocacy for EMS

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Why we are Organizing...

We are EMS providers who work at Bangs Ambulance. We serve the people of Ithaca NY and the greater community of Tompkins County.  We are forming a labor union because our situation will only improve through direct action by us- the EMS Providers.  Bangs Ambulance Workers United (BAWU) does not have any personal animosity towards our employer. Instead, we seek a better working relationship through the process of Collective Bargaining and the establishment of a Local Union Chapter in affiliation of CSEA Local 1000 AFSCME AFL-CIO.  The organizing process has been intense for everyone. BAWU looks forward to working with our employer to build a better workplace that meets the needs of the employees, the company and our community.

Here are changes we would like to see... A Pay Scale that meets Cost of Living in Tompkins County A Better Healthcare Plan. Transparency and Just Culture at our Workplace. Modernization to reflect current Best Practices. ...and an overall re-alignment to match the Job of Providing EMS care in Ithaca and Tompkins County in the 21st Century.


AUGUST 2023 We are currently in Negotiations with our Employer, Bangs Ambulance. Our goal is a Collective Bargaining Agreement that brings equity to our workplace for all concerned. We continue to hold General Membership Meetings twice a month at the Allied Trades Union Hall (find out more about this in our Meetings Section) TIMELINE - Our Organizing began over the summer of 2022, and on October 3, 2022, BAWU submitted a letter to Bangs Ambulance, requesting Voluntary Recognition of our Union. Bangs declined our request and the matter went to an Election on November 9, 2022. After the results showed a simple majority in favor of Unionization, Bangs filed an objection with the NLRB (National Labor Relations Board). This was dismissed on March 14, 2023- and the results of the Election were Certified. We won our right to Collective Bargining and moved forward into the process of Collective Bargaining.


There is growing recognition that EMS Providers deserve the same Wages, Health Care Benefits and Protections as those who work alongside us- such as Nurses, Police and Fire Fighters. After a global pandemic and decades of neglect- we will no longer accept being taken for granted. The truth is that EMS providers must advocate for EMS providers- no one else is going to do it for us. We welcome and need the support from all sides- but at the end of the day, it is the EMS providers who must build a better future for ourselves and our community. We must organize, work together and be committed to winning.

Letter of Support for EMT Dunn-Hindle

General Membership Meetings 

All Bangs Employees that are eligible under the NLRB and who sign a CSEA card may attend and vote at the meetings- and all Bangs Employees may address the general body during announcements and community microphone periods. Guests and visitors who wish to speak to the general body should let the Chair know prior to the meeting.  We follow Robert's Rules of Order. Quick reference sheets are provided at the meetings and can also be found at the link at the bottom of this section. We ask that everyone: 1. Be on Time. 2, Raise your Hand, Wait your turn to Speak. 3. Silence your phones and mobile devices. 4. Follow the Robert's Rules of Order and Our Meeting Process.  5. No participation while under the influence of Alcohol or illict Drugs. 6. No Profanity or unnecessary shouting. 7. No Violence or Threats of Violence towards anyone. 8. Clean up after yourself. If you are a member of the General Public or Press and you would like to attend our meetings, Please reach out to us at: ​

Sign a CSEA Card

Local Labor and Allies 



Rochester General Hospital Nurses

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