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Why are you Organizing ?
Because we deserve a pay scale that meets actual Cost of Living, A Healthcare Plan with a reasonable deductible, Transparency and Just Culture at our Workplace, Modernization of our system to reflect current Best Practices, Crew Rotations and Shifts that follow the 80/20 rule, and an overall Realignment to match the reality of providing EMS care in Tompkins County....

What is "at will" vs. "just cause" ?
"At Will" Employment can be amended or terminated at any time by the Employer.
By Contrast, "Just Cause" means that an Employer must have Justifiable Reason for Amending or Terminating Employment. A Union workplace is a Just Cause Working Environment.  

What is Collective Bargaining ?
It's the negotiating process to establish wages, working conditions and expectations between workers and management. A worker protected in a collective bargaining agreement almost always has more rights and leverage than a worker without one.  

Who can join the Union ?
Full time, Part time, and Per Diem Employees who meet the NLRB (National Labor Relations Board) Qualifications.  

Why are Supervisors not included in the Union ?
Unfortunately, that's not how the NLRB laws work in the United States. The Supervisors can form their own union if they wish to do so.  

What is CSEA ?
It stands for Civil Service Employees Association. We chose CSEA because they are one of the biggest Labor Unions in New York State. CSEA represents workers who serve the public, including EMS, Law Enforcement and 911 Dispatchers.  

What about Dues and Initiation Fees ?
There are no initiation fees to join CSEA and Dues do not apply until after collective bargaining is complete and the contract has been ratified by the workers. 
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