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Question about Decertification - 4/14/23

"I am again posing the same question I asked Monday, April 10, with the expectation that it would be answered, or at least addressed, at the general body meeting that night. It was neither addressed nor answered at the meeting that night. It has now been 5 days and I have not received any sort of follow-up from a single member of the organizing committee or a CSEA representative.


Employees are very dissatisfied with the union. The union and the organizing committee has harassed, discriminated against, and retaliated against those who were not and are not in support of the union. It is already known that a vote to decertify the union is able to happen one year from the initial vote. Again I pose the questions: how does the decertification process work? Are all those eligible to be union members allowed to participate in a decertification vote or is it limited to card-carrying union members?"

RESPONSE - 4/14/23 

Hello {Omitted]


I hope this email finds you well. Respectfully, I disagree, I did in fact answer this question [at the GM Meeting 4/10/23]

My exact words were “If someone is interested in Union busting, they can Google their answer”. I am not required to provide this information to you, nor will I. 


Enjoy your weekend sir. 



CSEA Labor Relations Specialist

Question about paying Union Dues - 4/12/23



Once again...I am asking for a response to my questions sent on March 22 

I asked a fairly simple question and as of today, April 12, I have not received any response or answer to any of them. 

I will ask the questions again;


1) Will everyone be required to pay “union dues"? Whether they join the union or not, will they be required to pay the dues?


2) What will be the due structure, part time vs full time? Please don’t send me NOVA’s info…it’s old information.


3) When will the deductions take effect, if in fact they do??


4) What is the process for getting added to the union email list?? It is quite obvious now that "just asking" doesn't work...

It’s been over two weeks that I asked these questions the first time. Will this be the expected response time to questions as this process moves along?


With the response from the CSEA, I have sent this message from one of my personal emails.


Looking forward to any response to these questions at this point.

RESPONSE - 4/12/23

Hi [omitted],

Thanks for your email. As previously stated, we brought up and answered your original question for the LRS at our Mach 24 meeting. The response to your question from the LRS is in the meeting minutes which you read and acknowledged on 03/30. In addition, you can find
answers to many of these questions on the website FAQ. We will continue to answer members’ questions at the membership meetings. However, we will answer non-members’questions when appropriate, as it pertains to them. I will restate the answers to your questions
here to make it easy.

1. It has been decided by membership that it will be most advantageous for us as a bargaining unit for everyone to pay dues. This is the traditional way of running a private union as well as the way CSEA does it.

2. Dues are calculated as a percentage of income at the company. As we are hourly employees, this deduction will take effect for the hours you work and is not a set fee.CSEA has different dues structures for different pay schemes. An updated hourly scale from a different company (not NOVA as requested) is below “The deduction amount for hourly and per diem employees should have Dues (code 475) deductions at 1.3% of biweekly gross salary, not to exceed $32.28, and exclude location pay and overtime.”

3. Dues begin after ratification of our first contract, every single detail regarding dues vs pay increase as well as all other costs and benefits will be available at that time for members to decide whether or not to vote for or against.


Finally, I was still under the impression that you had asked not to be contacted. I apologize for the miscommunication on that front, and I have added your email to the mailing list, so you should be included moving forward. 

AS A REMINDER: I HIGHLY RECOMMEND everyone signs Union cards and becomes a member. Only members can have a voice in our Union, can attend meetings, fill out contract surveys, and vote.

Moving forward, frequently asked questions will likely be answered via information on the website, which will be kept up-to-date as a reference, or previous answers. In addition, questions can also be directed to our labor relations specialist,...

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