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Goals of our First Contract

A Pay Scale that Matches Cost of Living

Tompkins County is one of the most expensive areas in upstate NY. 

We run the highest number of 911 Calls in the county- yet our EMT's and Paramedics are some of the lowest paid in the area. We deserve wages that are Competitive and will keep up with our Careers and Cost of Living. 

A Better Health Insurance Plan

Currently we must work a minimum of 48 hrs a week to be considered full time and qualify for health Insurance benefits. This may not seem like a lot until you consider that most Health Insurance Companies define 40 hrs a week to be the benchmark for Full Time Employment and Health Benefits. We recognize that Health Insurance is a complex and expensive prospect for both employee and employer- but we believe that we can work together to find better options.


This is the foundation for any successful relationship between an employee and an employer-  that means a transparent Wage Scale, Open Meetings between staff and management, Open CQI process and an overall shift towards information sharing and accountability.

Just Culture at Our Work Place

In EMS, Just Culture means an environment where discipline and corrective actions apply to everyone fairly-  we take the lessons learned to build a better provider to serve the public.

Modernization for Best Practice

Our practice must match the current standards in EMS pre-hospital medicine.

That means equipment and training to support that standard. We should never be afraid to ask for what we need to do our jobs.

Collective Voice for Change

EMS goes everywhere. We see the entire healthcare system from one end to the other- it's time that we started speaking out on the issues that affect all of us. When we speak with a Collective Voice, we can help bring the changes that we all need...That's the Power of Collective Bargaining.

Let's Work Together...

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