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Building our First Contract

We are EMS providers who work at Bangs Ambulance. We serve the people of Ithaca NY and the greater community of Tompkins County.  We are forming a labor union because our situation will only improve through direct action by us- the EMS Providers.  Bangs Ambulance Workers United (BAWU) does not have any personal animosity towards our employer. Instead, we seek a better working relationship through the process of Collective Bargaining and the establishment of a Local Union Chapter in affiliation of CSEA Local 1000 AFSCME AFL-CIO.  The organizing process has been intense for everyone. BAWU looks forward to working with our employer to build a better workplace that meets the needs of the employees, the company and our community.

 Updates & Letters of Endorsement

There is growing recognition that EMS Providers deserve the same Wages, Health Care Benefits and Protections as those who work alongside us- such as Nurses, Police and Fire Fighters. After a global pandemic and decades of neglect- we will no longer accept being taken for granted.

Let's Work Together...

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Are you a local EMS Provider ?  join EMSPAC.

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